Discover Bolivia’s
Hidden Gems
at the
Treasure Museum!

Discover our heritage

The museum crackles with the primal secrets, masterful techniques, and artistic brilliance of Bolivia’s metals and precious stones.


Discover the ametrine, a beautiful bicolor gemstone found exclusively in Bolivia, which is why it is called Bolivianite.

You will be able to learn about the most important mines where gold , silver are extracted in Bolivia.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the most valuable gemstones in Latin America.


Learn about the everyday life of the workers and the tasks they carry out inside and outside the mine.

Discover the metallurgical processes that silver undergoes until its transformation into beautiful jewelry.


Learn about the secrets of the ancient traditions of Bolivia, silverware, and goldsmithing.

You will see the evolution of techniques and the art of Bolivian jewelry, from pre-Columbian times to the present day.

Find the treasure


Sucre – Bolivia
The museum is located at Plaza 25 de Mayo No. 59 on the corner of Aniceto Arce Street.

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday
09.00-12.30 15.00-18.30


Tour ticket – 30 Bs
Children under 10 yo – Free

Phone: (+591) 46443366

El Museo del Tesoro

The Institution

The Treasure Museum is a cultural institution dedicated to promoting and disseminating art and techniques related to the theme of metals and precious stones in Bolivia. Its purpose is to inform and educate, but above all, to evoke genuine and pleasant sensations through the discovery of Bolivia’s treasure.

The Treasure Museum is a private institution and does not receive any type of funding from the state or foreign cooperation. Its operation is sustained through the collection of entrance fees for museum visits.

Our History

The museum is the result of a passion. The idea was born in 1990 when the first version of the project was formulated by the Morales Torricos spouses. Since then, year after year, the museum has been acquiring pieces for its collections. The house for the museum was acquired in 2006, and in a process that took four years, it was restored and refurbished. In 2012, the actual installation of the museum began, in an uninterrupted work that lasted three years. Finally, the museum was inaugurated and opened to the public in September 2015.

The Showcase

With over 31 showcases and models featuring more than 100 collectible pieces, delve into Bolivia’s rich history and uncover the hidden treasures for an unforgettable experience

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